January 1, 2012

Happy 2012!

Hello!  Happy New Year!  I don't know about you but I'm so thrilled with all the possibilities this new year holds!  I'm prayerfully hoping for this to be a great year with little drama, lots family time, lots of sewing time and blessings for each of you!

How were your holidays?  I hope they were wonderful!  Did you finish all of your items on your Christmas Sewing List?  I did not.  (Sad face.)  But I did finish a few items and I have a couple more almost complete so I'm still considering the list a success!

One of the most urgent on my list was to finally finish my quilt for do.Good.Stitches.  This is the quilt that I have had for months now and I'm so disappointed that it took so long and I have so many good excuses but that does not change the fact that I did not finish when I wanted to.  But I do have it done now, actually, it has been done for a couple of weeks I just did not get around to taking photos of it.

I'm very pleased with the quilt not so much with the picture of the quilt but oh, well!  As always the ladies in the Peace Circle did an excellent job and as I expected, I love the finished quilt!  What do you think?

The second one I have to show was a Christmas gift to my 5 year old niece, Olivia, whom I call Olive.

This one is made from a layer cake of Dilly Dally that I won from Moda.  The fabric is not a pattern or palette that I would have chosen but I'm glad I had it to work with.  I think the colors and print are perfect for a sweet, active, fun little girl like her!

I did some of the quilting on my sewing machine and added some little flowers and details around her name by hand in perle cotton.  That part took so long!  I'm glad I did it though because the black quilting adds so much to the blank spaces.  I'm happy with how it turned out and although I'm sure it was not her favorite gift of the day, I'm sure she will know how much I love her when she uses it!

I've got a couple of quilts still in the works which I hope to finish this week so I can start a new one for 2012!  Thanks for stopping by!  Have a blessed day!

love, Lisa

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CityHouseStudio said...

Beautiful quilts, Lisa!
It's always so fun to see the do.Good Stitches quilts finished!
Happy New Year!