January 18, 2012

WIP Wednesday

Like so many, I'm wondering where the time went between last WiP Wednesday and today!  It seems I got so little done!  And then there are some who just keep putting out beautiful projects, blocks, quilt tops without missing a do they do that?!  Linking up over at Freshly Pieced.  Head over and prepare to be inspired!

This week I found myself still working on old WiPs.  I even pulled out a ripple that I had quite forgotten was not finished.  So my list has grown and I have not even started anything new.  Here we go...

Quilts in progress:  

Farmer's Wife - no progress.  Still trying to figure out how to catch up.

Dilly Dally 2 - no progress.  I'm still looking for border fabrics.
February quilt for do.Good.Stitches - Trying to formulate a color palette and design idea.
January blocks for do.Good - Still finishing those up.  Should be mailed this weekend.
Quilt for Christy - still in the fabric buying phase.  She's too busy to shop these days!

Embroidery projects in progress:
Baby girl sampler - I'm  making progress.  This is the one I work on daily.
New project - Making progress on the plans!

New (old) project:
Ripple - I've found new motivation and while I don't know how long it will take, I'm motivated to complete it!

I do still have a finished quilt to show you soon.  That was my first finish of 2012 and I'm excited to have something done!  Plus, once I get all of these older WiP's done I have so many that I want to start!  I so wanted to join the Scrap Along with Rachel but I just did not want to start something new just yet.  Maybe another quilt along will start up after I finish these.

Have a great day!  God Bless!

love, Lisa


Michelle @ Periwinkle said...

I really like your crochet ripple quilt, the colors are so pretty together.

Sandra (Cherry Heart) said...

What beautiful WIP's you have! I adore the FW quilt, I haven't made any myself yet but browsing through everyone's is wonderful. Love the colours you've used in your ripple too - gorgeous!

Thanks for joining me on my PCH journey. I've added your link to my blog and have come to wish you good luck along the way!

S x