January 25, 2012

WIP Wednesday

It is Wednesday, my dear Blog Readers, and so, one of my favorite days of the week.  I love keeping track of my WiPs this way.  Thank you so much, Lee, for hosting this weekly inspiration-fest!  
So, just to be clear about something.  I actually have a few more projects that may be unfinished but I do not list them here if I am not currently working on them.  I only consider a project a work-in-progress if I have actually made progress on it or am thinking about working on it.  There really are only a couple anyway (2 that I can think of) that I have started but I've not worked on for quite a long while.  Like this one:
I have not worked on this in months!  Hence, it does not belong on the list.

Now aren't you glad I clarified that?!  On to the list!

Quilts in progress:
*Dilly Dally no. 2 is basted and ready for quilting!
*FWQAL - I have not actually sewn this in a long time but...I have pulled out some new fabrics to use for it and I've gotten all the little templates organized.
*do.Good.Stitches - February is my month and I've got a plan and I've started working on the blocks.
*Quilt for Christy - Bought more fabric and she has chosen a pattern.  There is some cutting in my future!

Embroidery in progress:
*Baby Girl Sampler - This is something I still work on daily.  It is coming along but not as quickly as I would like.  Mostly because I make it up as I go along (like my blog name implies!).
*Valentine project:  I'll be starting the actual sewing on this as soon as I'm done with the big quilt mentioned above.

Crochet project:
*Ripple - I've added 2 more rows and I'm going now to start another.

Phew!  7 WiP's... That is more than I thought.  I'd better get busy!  How are your WiP's coming along?  Can't wait to see them!  Have a good day!  God Bless!

 Rejoice always,  pray continually,  give thanks in all circumstances; for this is God’s will for you in Christ Jesus.  ~1 Thessalonians 5:16-18

love, Lisa


Dee said...

Your Dilly Dally is great! I love the colors and playfulness!

Strawberries in stitches is just perfect! I caught my breath when I saw this!

Great things to have to work on

Something Wilde said...

Love the Dilly Dally quilt! And the baby girl sampler is just gorgeous. Good luck on your projects!

Katie B. said...

I'm so impressed by your hand stitching! Beautiful work. And I'm excited to hear your plan for do. Good Stitches!

Allie said...

What a beautiful embroidery! Looking forward to your plans for the february blocks. Do you think we will be using any particular kona solids? It's just that I'm all out of white and some of the greys and although i have ordered some it's taken 3 weeks so far form the parcel not to arrive :-(

I might do a back up order from the UK just to be on the safe side and want to make sure I pick up the right colours

Jess said...

your embroidery is beautiful! There is certainly a balance of being overwhelmed by too many projects and being inspired by having options!

Cille said...

So many great projects. Your stitching is beautiful :)

Wendy said...

I love all your projects, but the birth sampler is just gorgeous, beautiful stitching