March 26, 2012

Waste Not, Want Not

Hi, Everyone!  How are you this Monday?  I had some busy days sewing and moving my work/sewing space around this weekend.  There are a couple of projects I've been wanting to post about and am finally able to do so now.  Remember this quilt?
The pattern used tiny squares over the larger squares to make the blunted edges.  Once the corners were clipped I ended up with quite the pile of little triangles.  It was kinda hard to just throw all that fabric out even though it was such tiny pieces so I thought I'd try to use them up somehow.  Well, let me tell you, it was quite the feat for me!  Those little triangles sewn then pressed and then trimmed ended up being quite the chore at times!  Once trimmed and nice and neat it was fun to see what could be made with them.  I ended up doing pinwheels with half and a kind of flying geese with the other.

This is made with the pinwheels, obviously.  I ended up doing some hand quilting around the blocks and turned it into a pillow cover.
I actually do not like the crinkly-ness of the finished pillow as much as I like it on quilts.  Not sure why but I think with the other piece I made I'll try something different.  I do like the pink stitching, though.  It is so relaxing to sit with something like this to stitch.
This is the second piece I was able to make out of the tiny (1.25" unfinished!) squares.  Really I just laid them out in the same direction and sewed them together in rows...easy!
Not sure it will stay this way.  I'm not liking the shape now that I added the corners.  I'll just wait until inspiration strikes to finish it.  I just wanted to note that the small pieces come together to make a 9.5 " square.  And there are 144 squares total.  I'm stating this to remind myself that I may not want to be so thrifty with these tiny pieces the next time around!  Plus, they are so small some of the wonky could not be trimmed out.  Oh, well!  Live and sew and learn!

I'm going to link the pillow to CRC {Sew} Modern Monday and QS Fabric Tuesday!
Head over to be inspired!  Have a blessed week!

But the fruit of the Spirit is love, joy, peace, forbearance, kindness, goodness, faithfulness, gentleness and self-control. ~Galatians 5:22-23

love, Lisa


Carla said...

All simply fab.!

Amanda ~ A Crafty Fox said...

That pinwheel pillow is amazing! Do you mind if I pin it?

diane said...

Your pillow is so perfect. i love it

Kristy QP said...

Wow both of these look amazing! What a lot of work with teeny tiny triangles - just lovely! (I admire your patience too!)

Karen said...

These look fantastic!

Mrs.Hearts said...

How fun! Visiting from QuiltStory!


Connie said...

What neat projects using your scraps. Wow are there a lot of pieces in that last piece!

Kirsten N said...

Such tiny triangles!! They look wonderful in both of your design - I especially like the pillow cover.

Sue Daurio said...

Love the pillow :) OMGoodness 1.25 unfinished HSTs, bless your heart! That look incredible!

Wendy said...

Those are teeny tiny triangles!! They look fantastic, well done!