April 30, 2012

DGS Quilt Finish

This quilt is complete.  What fun it was to work on!  I love doing the do.Good Stitches quilts and seeing it all come together.  Thanks again, Peace Circle, for your wonderful work!

This will be off in the mail, oh, probably tomorrow.  I still have to wash it and snip some remaining thread tails.

This one will be hard to part with.  But then again, I think I say that about all of them!  I love the finished product so much.

I hope it provides many hours of warmth and snuggly goodness to its new owner!

Linking to CRC's {Sew} Modern Monday and QS's Fabric Tuesday!

Have a great day!  God bless!

Pray without ceasing.  ~1 Thess. 5:17

love, Lisa


Heather D. said...

Just beautiful.

Jennifer said...

what a gorgeous design!

Katie B. said...

This is fantastic! I'm so glad to see it all put together.

Karen said...

These are beautiful L!

SoSarahSews said...

So pretty!

Nicole said...

Love those colors, Lisa! Beautiful! I'm sure it will be cherished by its new owner.

Wendy said...

Wow, what a gorgeous quilt! I had to stare at it a while to see what the actual blocks were, then I got it and it's genius. Beautiful

Happy Turtle said...


Katie said...

Beautiful design!