July 25, 2012

WIP Wednesday

Hello!   How is your summer going?!   I'm glad to be able to post something today for WIP Wednesday.

It helps that I have done some actual sewing, doesn't it?  I did re-do the little toy bench but I'm not 100% pleased with the color so I may do over...again.  For now though, I've made a few small projects and it was very refreshing!  I'm ready to get into something larger.

I'll be working with this French General fabric to make a quilt for my mom.

I made a couple of little pillows plus a little mat (I intended to make more of a cushion but I messed up and ended up with this) for the bench that I painted.

The cross stitched wall hanging was a quick project that I just finished.  It started out as a pillow that I made for my niece about 12-13 years ago.

It was so worn it was not usable as a pillow any longer so I took out the center and reused it to make the wall hanging.  I like it much better now!  I hope Cassie does, too!

The last little bit is the bunting.  My mom made some cute crochet trim around each point.  I love it!  I am planning another with more triangles and much smaller...these are quite large.

I'm off to plan a quilt and see what the other bloggers are up to for WIP Wednesday!  Thanks for visiting!

love, Lisa


Allison said...

what a great way to reuse your lovely crosstitch! the bunting is so sweet :)

Sara said...

Very nice display of goodies and the cross stitch redo is quite creative:)

Wendy said...

such a sweet little handmade space!