May 2, 2013

Doing Good

Finally, I got around to documenting a couple of little quilts that have been done for a couple of weeks now! What a joy to finish a quilt for do.Good Stitches and hand it off to a group that could use it!  

This is the back before binding.  I guess I did not get a picture of it when it was all done.  

It was such a pleasure to put this one together.  I received the cutest blocks from the Peace Circle and this quilt went together so perfectly.  

Here is the finished quilt.  This was the best of the 3 photos I had taken. I chose a dark binding to frame the colorful blocks and I think it works!  The pattern was found here.  

Here are the two finishes!  The top one went to my sister.  It is the heart string block that I've shown so many times already!  Just a couple more, I promise!

This is the little heart quilt (pattern/tutorial found here) made for my sister.  I did a freehand stitch in a spiral pattern and included little words that describe her.  I'm so glad she liked it!

So, these are my two most recent finishes.  Now I'll be trying to figure out how to make a project bag with a clear vinyl the one I saw yesterday at my church quilting time!  I went to Wal-Mart and purchased some vinyl and some other goodies and I plan to have fun and make this happen this weekend.  

 And one last photo to share.  Weather here in Colorado is sometimes crazy in the spring.  Monday, I think, was almost 80 degrees and yesterday....

Today promises to be much brighter so I will be thankful for the moisture and hope that where ever that storm heads today, well, I hope they like snow/rain in May!

Have a wonderful day!  God bless each one of you!

For the Lord gives wisdom; From His mouth come knowledge and understanding...~Proverbs 2:6

love, Lisa


Carla said...

What a fabulous scrappy trip! I am putting one together for a charity quilt too ; )

hydeeannsews said...

the heart strings quilt with the little sentiments sewn in the quilting is wonderful! what a special, personal touch to add in for your sister. just lovely.