October 30, 2013

Autumn in California's Central Valley

Autumn here in California is very different from back home.  If memory serves me right, there would be no fruit on the trees ripening, trees full of green leaves, or roses blooming.  I've been wondering about that plant with the bottlebrush red ends lately.  What is it?  One thing that is the same as it was back home is our enthusiasm for football.  Broncos and Lions.  My son's team starts their playoff series this Saturday and the Broncos have a bye.  {Saturday} Night Lights.  There has been little sewing going on mostly because I'm back in a dreadful slump.  It is so hard to be away from home and family and have to deal with life without the breaks I am used to with Sunday dinners and trips to JoAnn's.  But I'm getting back to it.  I have a quilt to mail that was finished quite some time ago.  I have a do.Good quilt to baste and quilt and bind.  And I've done all the embroidery I'm going to do on that little hexie piece up there.  Now it is time to start the hand quilting.  The placemats I made in one afternoon some weeks back.  I love them.  They are made of Fig Tree scraps and from a pattern from this Fig Tree book.  Wouldn't they be nice for Christmas as well?  About that little sea shell on the fence, well, they are all around it.  The last occupants here left those little treasures here and there along the rail.  From their travels to the ocean, perhaps.  

Have a blessed and wonderful week!

love, Lisa

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Aussiegirl said...

It is a bottlebrush. Native australian. Looks like a captain cook variety. Callistemon