November 7, 2013

Thoughtful Thursday

I'm thinking about sewing things.  And family things.  Nothing too deep, just some random, wondering thoughts.  First, the negative.  And then because I am forcing myself these days to see something wonderful in everything, the positive.  :)

I very much do not like trimming blocks...even with the use of a cute, diminutive, 3.5" ruler.

The positive side is that when I'm all done with the chopping, I get to fluff up a pretty little pile of stringy scraps.  Right before I toss them, I am going to photograph every.single.pile. of them.

Another plus to this one is that these blocks did come out so pretty.  These are heading to a quilter to make into something even more wonderful.  A do.Good quilt.  The tute for this block is from Fresh Lemons.

There is nothing negative about this boy except that he keeps growing up.  He turned 14 over the last weekend and I've been brooding that "my baby is getting so big" for the past several days.  It does not help that he has not been home since Tuesday.  He's on a school trip and won't be home until Friday.  Boo.  I miss him.  But on the positive side, this trip is great fun and learning and experience for him so I can't be too mournful of missing him.  That and the fact that I'm sure he is having a grand time is good enough for me!

Last week I was out taking photos around our (tiny) town.  There are orchards everywhere, so naturally I snapped a few photos of them.  This got me thinking about fruit as we (Andy and I) were trying to figure out if a tree was a fruit tree or a nut tree.  That train of thought led me to the Fruits of the Spirit (Galatians 5:22). Which led me to thoughts about sewing or rather embroidering the verse.  So that is what I am playing with now.  Just a small idea but I have big plans for it.  Let's see if it happens!  

Phew!  How's that for random thoughts?  Have a blessed day!

*Edited to add:  Through this post I found this site so I'm linking up!
love, Lisa


Clara {Clover and Violet} said...

Love those blocks!! Our kids do grow up so quickly and then we get grandchildren who also grow up way too quickly. Enjoy them while they are near!!

CitricSugar said...

I don't enjoy trimming blocks but I do like the satisfying little piles of trimmings when I'm done!