December 13, 2013

Decidedly Therapeutic

Just a reminder...and a thank you!  Today is the last day to sign up for my little giveaway for SewMamaSew Giveaway day.  You can sign up here.  I will close the comments about 8pm Pacific.  I pick a winner by random  after that!  Thank you so much for all the entries!  Over 300!  I told my husband that I would be so glad if I just had more than 10 people enter.  This is wonderful!  Extra thanks to new followers on here and bloglovin' and Pinterest!  I did not expect that  :)  And now...

It's time for another finish (on Friday)!  I'm linking up with Crazy Mom Quilts for Finish it up Friday.  And can I just say that it must be wonderful to have so many finishes.  I think she did one each day this week!

In an attempt to make a few Christmas-y items using actual Christmas fabrics, I started these.  They did not actually turn into hot pads until about the 3rd day.  I started them first, as I said to use up some Christmas fabric, and second to have something to provide a break while I was writing a (huge) Philosophy paper.

So, I made a bunch.  I had two great decisive, altering moments during this week.  First, quilting really is therapeutic!  I've always believed this to be the case, however, my belief was reaffirmed in a major way while I was writing said paper.  I could take a break and actually calm down enough to move forward after a few minutes of sewing.  Second, I don't like Philosophy.  I really don't see any good use in it and I still don't get it.

I ended up making two sets and 2 extra hot pads.  These are large hot pads!  There is a pocket so you can put your hand in the back, which I did not photograph.  Mainly I wanted them to be large enough to accommodate a skillet on the counter.  And they are.

This set is my favorite.  I like the way the stripe fabric made kind of a funky star in the middle.  And there you have it.  My finish for the week!

And a gratuitous shot of the scraps.  I'm quite enamored with the little piles that I have at the end of a project.  I throw nothing away until I'm all finished.  What would philosophy have to say about that, I wonder?

Have a great weekend!  God bless you and happy sewing!

In the sixth month the angel Gabriel was sent from God to a city of Galilee named Nazareth, to a virgin betrothed to a man whose name was Joseph, of the house of David.  And the virgins name was Mary.  ~ Luke 2:26-27 

love, Lisa


Christine S said...

Great finish, love it!

Nicole said...

Cute finishes! The fabrics are very festive!

Gemini Jen NZ said...

What a gorgeous Christmas set! I love the colours! Have a lovely Christmas!