October 11, 2016

Heartland Blog Tour

When I signed up to be considered to make something for Pat Bravo's blog tour of her new line, Heartland, well, I never really thought that I would be chosen.  To say that I was happy is an understatement!

After looking at the fabrics I knew I wanted to make a quilt that would showcase some of the prints.  And because there was a Scandinavian theme, I went with these simple stars and then put a few of them on point.

The quilt finished at 66" x 66".  I used the Trekant Rows for the binding and absolutely love it!  And of course I chose the tiny floral called Liten Ditsy in the Whisper colorway for the backing.  This is now my favorite #tinyfloralsanonymous tiny floral, by the way!

Within a day after consulting with my IG Besties, I had a plan and a quilt design that was a bit different from my original idea.  I'm so happy to have other sewing enthusiasts to consult with on these important issues!  Thanks, TFA Ladies!

So here is the finished quilt.  These fabrics are really so beautiful.  And since my least favorite part of quilting is coordinating fabrics, it is perfect to have a line of fabric that does that for you.  Tiny florals, geometrics, large florals, and that owl print!  Perfection!

The other project I was able to finish is this super simple pillow sham to go with the quilt.  I was determined to use up some of the triangles I had left from the quilt so I made them work!  Since the points are clipped on some, okay, most of the Flying Geese, I'm calling these grounded geese.  ;)

So a huge thank you to Pat Bravo and Wendy for allowing me to have creative freedom and work with this amazing line of fabric!  I'm completely honored and I hope you like these projects!  Thanks again!  Don't forget to visit the other bloggers on the tour.  Today's other blogger is Marija Vujcic.  Tomorrow will be Lisa Serino on Instagram @nolibaby and Aimee Leptick.  also visit Pat Bravo's blog to see the entire lineup!  Enjoy!

xo, Lisa


Marija said...

I love this quilt!! That block design is great - love how it makes a secondary pattern! Very cool!! :)

CapitolaQuilter said...

Your quilt is beautiful and I love the photo shoot too. Great job!

Jenni said...

Lisa, you did such a fantastic job with this quilt! I love it so much!!! It's beautiful! I'm so glad you have a blog neat! I also love your pillow. It's perfect with the quilt! xoxo Jenni